Main Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs for men and women are designed based on similar technologies, but they differ in other aspects like size, and weight. Considering that the body of a woman has a different strength and height than the body of a man, it is understandable why women need a different type of club that will allow then to get better distance, height and speed of their golf shots. Discover below the main differences between women’s and men’s golf clubs.

Golf Fitness Training Ideas

As any other sport, golf requires an excellent shape that will allow you to bend, swing, stretch and throw the ball hard and high. To make sure you keep your body firm and trained, you must perform fitness exercises while not playing golf to make sure you will maintain your arms, legs and stomach muscles strong and strained. Here are some golf fitness exercises to help you stay in shape for excellent results on the golf course.

Royal 4 Golf Edition Mobility Scooter by EvRider

A mobility scooter is an efficient machine, that serves almost the same purpose as a wheelchair, only that it resembles a motor scooter. It’s extremely useful for people with limited mobility because it allows them to become more independent. In this article, we talk about the Royal 4 Golf Edition Mobility Scooter by EvRider, which is a versatile mobility scooter that can be used on the golf course. Here’s what you need to know.

Hydration and Nutrition Tips for Golf Players

Compared to other sports, such as basketball, baseball or soccer, golf is much more permissive. Most people think that golf is an easy sport but the truth is different. As a matter of fact, golf players can burn up to 2000 calories when playing golf for almost 4 or 5 hours. For this reason and not only, the nutrition and hydration of golfers are extremely important. Here are some useful tips to help you along the way.

Hottest 2015 Golf Bags

Most golf players have at least one good-quality golf bag to help them carry all the equipment needed when playing golf. A golf bag can accommodate several items and accessories, such as golf balls, head cover, tees, towels, golf sticks, shoes, gloves, ball markers and many more. If you want to enrich your golf experience and invest in a great golf bag, let’s take a look at the most popular golf bags this year.

Tips for Teaching Children to Play Golf

There are many sports you can choose for your children to perform, depending on their abilities and their preferences. You can either take them to learn football, basketball, tennis or karate, or you can initiate them into the secrets of golf, an elegant and calm sport that requires etiquette and an excellent behavior. Discover below some tips for teaching your children to play golf in a fun and attractive way.

How to Perfect Your Swing

Golf has always been considered to be a classy sport that requires a high degree of patience and a lot of practice. Yes, it may seem easy but the truth is not everyone can have perfect shots each and every time. If you are trying to find ways to improve your golfing skill and your game, this is for you. We’ve gathered some useful and simple techniques for improving and perfecting your golf swing. Let’s get it started.

2015 Golf Apparel Trends

Golf has always been an elegant sport, with a strict etiquette that required a specific type of apparel. Both male and female golfers must keep a decent and adequate outfit once they step n the golf course and any item of clothing that can be considered inappropriate is banned from the wardrobe of a golf player. However, this doesn’t mean that fashion skips the golf area and that golfers don’t enjoy trendy and stylish clothes and the following article is proof of the latest golf apparel trends of the year.

TaylorMade SLDR 4-PW,AW Iron Set Review

There are plenty of golf clubs to choose from, but the Taylor Made SLDR -PW, AW iron set stand out of the variety of game improvers. Their durability, the reliability and the efficiency in obtaining sharp shots make it a great choice not only fro professional golfers but for those who have just started playing golf. Their prestige is only topped by the incredible price of $399, which is a real steal, considering the improvements it will bring to your golf game.

Facial Hair Trends in Golf

Facial hair is gaining popularity among many golf players. You will most often see a lot of professional golf player who have a different facial hair each and every time they play golf. Of course there are many who want to take hold of a style and never change, while others prefer a simple clean shave. As facial hair trends are constantly evolving, we’ve taken time to gather 4 of the most popular facial hair trends.