5 Celebrities that You wouldn’t Expect to See on the Golf Course

Golf has its famous professional players who have made a career out of this sport, participate in tournaments and win many prizes, but there are other people who are famous from other reasons that playing professional golf. If you though that these 5 celebrities were only good at what they chose to do, you will be surprised to discover how passionate they are about playing golf.

Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, or more known as Snoop Dogg, is a famous hip-hop singer with an impressive career and an 18 handicap in golf. Due to his tangled life marked by marijuana consumption and partying hard most of the time, it is impossible for you to picture Snoop Dogg playing the gentlemen’s sport. He is far from being the impeccable golf player with a stainless attitude, but since golf is a rich man’s sport and Snoop Dogg is definitely rich, we can understand his presence on the course.

Celine Dion

The famous singer with impressive record sales worldwide is a golf passionate who has brought her passion to the ultimate level. She even built a private golf course at home and she practices every time she has the opportunity, thus reaching a 17 handicap that helped her participate in tournaments.

Bill Murray

Although he played the role of a greenskeeper who managed to win the Masters in “Caddyshack”, in real life Bill Murray is a professional golf player. He joins every golf competition he can and he is an annual competitor in Pro-Am charity events, with an amazing 8 handicap. The last Pro-Am championship was against the tournament champion D.A. Points and Murray won the game.

Adam Levine

Same as Snoop Dogg, you would have never pictured bad boy Adam Levine playing golf in a perfect golf outfit. The frontman and guitarist of the band Maroon 5 is familiar with the golf terms and practices this sport every time he has the opportunity. Levine is the living proof that having dozens of tattoos doesn’t keep you from playing an elegant sport and we bet that once he hits the golf course, he has the moves like Jagger.

Justin Timberlake

He brings the sexy into golf and is a regular player who likes to relate golf to music in order to find his best shots. Timberlake played golf as a child with his father and developed a huge interest in this sport, which lead him to improve his skills and become a very talented golfer. His ambition was to become a professional golfer by the time he turns 30 and even if he didn’t accomplish that, he is still a great golf player.

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