What Golf Ball should I use?

For the very casual golfer and for the non-golfer among us, the question of what golf ball should be used sounds ridiculous. Aren’t all golf balls the same after all? The answer to that question is, not exactly. Some golf balls are slightly lighter and may have more “flight” as a result. Some actually feel a little heavier and may give more control and a better sense of direction to the golfer who uses them. An advanced golfer could reach an extra distance with the correct ball. So, what golf ball should I use? Let’s answer that excellent question.

Which golf ball is best for me ?

If you have no idea at all about what your golf swing is or how your game will shape up, you will have even less idea about what kind of golf ball would best suit it, so you should be looking for the golf balls that best fit your budget. A beginner would even be well served by using what are labelled as “practice” golf balls- name brand balls that have defects and flaws but are still basically the same as the others.

Once you figure out the right type, you can move up to the name brand balls of the same type, especially if you have improved enough to play in tournaments. According to the rules of most tournaments, you can only use approved balls. Always check to make sure that you are in compliance with all rules before beginning play.

Finally, the type of golf ball that you should use also depends on how many you will need. If you hit many, many balls into water hazards, into the rough or into oblivion, you may need quite a few more balls than the average player. If this describes you, then you definitely need to go with a more budget-friendly ball until you get better control of your swing.

How much does golf ball weigh ?

The golf ball must not weigh more than 1.62 onces or 0.1012 pounds. This is about 45.9 grams maximum. If the value is higher than the authorized weight following the rules ditacvted by the R&A and the USGA, (United States Golf Association) the golf ball cannot be used in competition.

What is the best golf ball for average golfers?

This is often a tricky question. For an average golfer, it depends on your swing speed more than the ball itself. Buying the best golf ball would be useless if you are casually playing. A soft ball, in other words a low compression golf ball, would help the player reach an higher distance as the compression would help increasing the ball speed.

Overall, this can be a trivial topic for the average golfer. The thing is that we often need to replace a lost ball and a wise choice can help. Although it will not make a difference for beginners, a premium ball is interesting for more advanced players. As some says, the Devil is the Details.

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