Why the rules for drivers are changing?

When a golf player like Tiger Woods talks about golf, people pay attention. Tiger Woods said earlier this year that “the game has changed. It has gone from a more of leisurely activity to a true sport. People are training like it. They are trading in as such they bring in with it what they have done in the gym to the range and to the course.” We can also spot a difference in style or performance from recent venues compared to previous tournaments.

Reaching 400 yards at once has never been a common performance. But it starts to be less and less uncommon than before. Golf courses can sometimes feel obsoletes when a player manages to reach the green at once when par is set at 3 for example. This leads the authorities to the need to change the rules of golf for drivers due to the new high-tech equipment that is available.

Golfers are always looking for an edge, whether it is in their swing or with their equipment. Golfers are starting to realize that they can maximize distances on their drives by using a driver with a lighter shaft and thinner grip while swinging faster through the ball.

Golf is an old game that changes slowly. A committee that guides the game’s development meets once every two years and is charged with recommending updates, but they’re usually incremental tweaks. This is a good solution not to revolutionize an already well-establish sport. But it has its inconvenients when technology evolves at a faster pace.

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