Facial Hair Trends in Golf

Facial hair is gaining popularity among many golf players. You will most often see a lot of professional golf player who have a different facial hair each and every time they play golf. Of course there are many who want to take hold of a style and never change, while others prefer a simple clean shave. As facial hair trends are constantly evolving, we’ve taken time to gather 4 of the most popular facial hair trends.

The shadow

Generally speaking, golf players with early tee times don’t have a lot of time to spend on grooming or even shaving properly. So you’ll often notice a five o’clock shadow at most players. This type of facial hair suits men who can grow facial hair in a short time and have well-defined features. You’ll have to make sure that your look is not messy or sloppy. To make it look a bit tidy give it some shape by trimming it just below the jay line until you get the right look.

Olde English

This style of facial hair has gained popularity in recent years, and not just in golf. Most men like to keep a long beard because they find it to be very masculine and strangely enough, comfortable. Another advantage of having a full beard and a rugged look is the fact that you don’t have to maintain it often, as in the case of a mustache or a goatee. This style is actually a great choice for golf players who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. In addition, a full beard keeps you warm during the colder months when you have to spend a couple of hours outside practicing your shots.


Professional golf players started wearing mustaches more than 10-20 years ago but this style has recently become more polished and refined. If mustaches are one of your favorite facial hair styles to wear when playing golf, know that there are simple ways to achieve this look. After you’ve decided what type of mustache you want to get, use an electric shaver to remove excess hair and achieve clean and sharp edges. A good quality electric shaver can make your job much easier.


Most golf players have tried this look, including Tiger Woods, David Duval and Lickliter. This style looks good on just anybody, because it’s extremely versatile. The internet is full with ideas of how to find a goatee look that will suit you and complement your best facial features.

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