How is the golf handicap calculated?

In the golf world, a player’s handicap represents their average score for a round of 18 holes. It doesn’t mean that every hole is scored as a birdie, a bogey or worse. What it means is that players with higher handicap scores will have more strokes subtracted from their total score than those with lower handicaps

The number of strokes subtracted depends on the difference between their handicap and the course rating. Once you have 20 points in your scoring records, the Handicap Index is set by calculating the best 8 score differentials out of your last 20 entries.

There are various methods for calculating handicaps, but the most commonly used one is the USGA’s Course Rating (or Slope) system. A handicap index can be compiled using the following equation:

Hcp Index = (Your Course Rating – USGA Course Rating) / USGA Course Rating * 5

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