How to Perfect your Swing

Golf has always been considered to be a classy sport that requires a high degree of patience and a lot of practice. Yes, it may seem easy but the truth is not everyone can have perfect shots each and every time. If you are trying to find ways to improve your golfing skill and your game, this is for you. We’ve gathered some useful and simple techniques for improving and perfecting your golf swing. Let’s get it started.

Maintain a good posture

Professional golf players make golf seem so easy and effortlessly but for a beginner, a fluid swing is a hard thing to achieve. So, it’s important to take a stance before you hit the ball. Have a good posture and align yourself with the ball. Spread your feet apart shoulder-width and flex your knees just a bit while keeping the spine straight. A good posture combined with a good grip will help you perfect your swing and keep you in balance as you hit the ball.

Holding a golf club the proper way

If your main goal is to perfect your swing, you’ll have to pay attention to many elements, the most important being the way you hold your golf club. Start by sitting up straight but don’t be tense; let your arms hang loosely at your sides. When you grip your club, avoid holding it too tight but if you want to strengthen your grip to have better control there are three ways in which you can do that. The first one is the Vardon grip, or also called “the overlapping grip”. You can achieve it by placing the little finger of you trailing hand between the index and middle finger, overlapping the fingers. Interlocking grip is more suitable for people with weak wrists or small hands. Curl the little finger of the trailing hand around the index finger of the lead hand. Lastly, the Ten finger grip is said to be one of the most comfortable grip, so it’s more suitable for beginners. Achieve it by locking the index finger of the lead hand with the pinkie finger of the trailing hand.

Use a golf swing analyzer

This device will help you understand all the parameters that determine the mechanics of your swing, so that you can make proper adjustments for improving your swing. There are several golf swing analyzers to choose from, and if you have troubles deciding the site will make your choice easier as they analyze these devices and highlight the pros and cons of each swing analyzer

Swing essentials

Only after you’ve managed to have a good grip and keep a good posture, you can start taking a swing. However, there are a couple of things that you should take into account when perfecting your swing. On the backswing, it’s important to shift your weight to the front of your back foot while pivoting your shoulders and hinging your front arm up into a 90-degree position. For the downswing, release your arm in the 90 degree position towards the target while shifting your weight to your front foot.

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