Best Golf Instructional Books

In case you are a golfer, then you definitely have at least one instructional book. There are lots of golf books that offer you advice and teach you how to improve your entire game. Here are some of the best golf instructional books of all time.

Golf my way – Instructional classic

This book is the one that introduced Ernie Els to the game of golf. It has been published in the’70s and then updated with a new introduction, new closing and new illustrations. This book teaches you a playing style that will definitely improve your game if applied.

Swing the club head

Ernest Jones, one of golf’s first ”superstar” instructors taught decades ago, but what he taught is still influencing golfers and teachers of the game.

Practical golf

One of the most influential golf instructors, John Jacobs has brought in this book some interesting and helpful techniques which can be applied when playing. It has 144 pages with line drawings for illustrations and was originally published in the early 1970s.

Golf is not a game of perfect

In this book,Bob Rotella which is one of the top sports performance consultants from the 90’s, teaches golfers the importance of the mental preparation and how they should maintain the positive, mental state throughout the tournament. He once said ” The best swing thought is no swing thought”. As a golfer, if you want to improve your mental approach towards the game, you definitely must read this book.

Dave Pelz’s short game bible

The focus of this book is on short game and putting. It is a known fact that the key to improving your scores is in the short game as well as in lowering your handicap. The book includes techniques and a number of exercises and tests for mastering your short game.

On learning golf

This book was first published in 1946 and since then, it has gone through more than 20 prints.

How to play your best golf all the time

Tommy Armour, one of the best golfers, has won more than 30 times on the PGA Tour, including three majors. He has retired from professional golf in the 1930’s, when he became an instructor. His techniques helped lots of golfers improve their game.

Zen golf : Mastering the mental game

Joseph Parent, a notable PGA coach and Buddhist instructor presents in this book techniques that can make you achieve better results by focusing on preparation, action and response to results. This book came out in the early 2000’s and has been an inspirational one ever since.

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