How to Read Greens Like a Pro

Green reading isn’t as complex or strange as it may sound. While other people seem do to a better job at making better reads, the key is to train your mind to see what really matters and ignore less important things while focusing on your game. Focusing on improving your game and learning how to read greens like a pro can take you to the next level. Here are some efficient tips for you to try out.

Use multiple perspectives while observing your putt

If you want to have a great start and improve your game, start by examining the putt from both sides. Let’s imagine you want to avoid the three putt bogey, as in getting the ball into the hole after three putts, here’s what you’ll have to do. Stand behind the ball and think about “how the water will flow” out of the cup. You’ll then have to move back and look for the same slope while squatting down. Walk around the hole to about 5-6 meters from the opposite angle and validate whether the slops is correct or not. While using multiple perspectives, stay focused on the game and don’t stay in the way of other players that are trying to gain a clearer understanding of the break, too.

Learn to watch your speed when hitting the ball

Even if you manage to fully read a slope, it’s important to watch your speed, otherwise you might end up hitting the ball too slow or too fast. With that being said, here’s a great tip to improve your speed: think about practicing your putt more often, it will pay off eventually. When practicing, spread your feet to the specific width of the stroke. It can range from 4-5 inches for a short putt to 18 inches for a long putt. This method is very efficient because in this way you form a measuring stick that will help you calculate your stroke and as a result you’ll manage to match the speed of the ball to the stroke ratio in a more precise way.

Change your mindset

Remember that you can improve your chances for having a successful game by changing your mindset. From time to time, you may have to deal with challenging situation when playing golf, such as having to strike a ball in a far away hole. The key is to keep calm and try to be more rational. Here’s a great tip for lining up longer puts: after calculating the slope and speed, pick a spot where you want the ball to reach. It’s better to aim for a close point, rather than pointing to a cup that’s too far away from us.

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