Golf fitness training ideas

As any other sport, golf requires an excellent shape that will allow you to bend, swing, stretch and throw the ball hard and high. To make sure you keep your body firm and trained, you must perform fitness exercises while not playing golf to make sure you will maintain your arms, legs and stomach muscles strong and strained. Here are some golf fitness exercises to help you stay in shape for excellent results on the golf course.

Stretching your legs

A stretch band will be very useful during your golf fitness training because it will build your leg muscles and will strengthen your but muscles to achieve a perfect balance during your swing. Place a mini stretch band around your legs above the knee and one around your ankles and walk forward in small steps with your knees bent. Make sure you keep your back straight and the knees over your toes.

Twisting your lower body half

A set of twists will stretch the muscles and tendons in your hips and lower back and will stimulate the torque put on your hips and the swing on your back. To perform this exercise, lie on the ground with your face up and your arms to your sides, bent your knees and keep your heels on the ground. Then twist the bent legs to the left until they touch the ground then twist to the right. Keep your shoulders on the ground and your stomach mules tight to make sure you obtain the best results.

Training on the treadmill

The treadmill is a fitness equipment you can easily use during your exercises to strain your muscles. Set the treadmill at a low speed and step on it facing it sideways and shuffle in a golf position for 30 seconds to build hip and thy muscles that will help you obtain stability in the swing. Alternate sessions of running at 7mph and walking at 3 mph to build endurance or walk backward at 5 mph then turn forward to strengthen your butt muscles and hamstrings.

Strengthening your glutes

The glutes, or the butt muscles, are very important in obtaining a perfect balance, swing and stretch during a golf game and this fitness exercise is great for the glutes, the hamstrings and your lower back. Lie on the ground face up, place your arms out to your sides, keep the knees bent and the toes above the ground. Squeeze your butt muscles while you raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Lower your body and repeat the exercise several times.

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