Tips for Teaching Children to Play Golf

There are many sports you can choose for your children to perform, depending on their abilities and their preferences. You can either take them to learn football, basketball, tennis or karate, or you can initiate them into the secrets of golf, an elegant and calm sport that requires etiquette and an excellent behavior. Discover below some tips for teaching your children to play golf in a fun and attractive way.

Let the children play

It’s hard to teach a small child how to perform a perfect shot or how to hold onto the club the right way if you don’t let them explore and play their own way. Let your children walk along the course, analyze the holes, and explore the game as they desire. Follow them around and explain their curiosities and stir their interest in a fun way.

Give the child time

Since it will be hard to discipline your child from the beginning, take them to the course at times when it is not very crowded, otherwise you will hold the group behind you. The child will want to run after the ball, rake every bunker and sink putts from two inches, which will mean extra training time that may annoy other groups of golfers.

Offer them the right equipment

More than in any other sport, the equipment is very important when it comes to teaching children how to play golf. If you will give your child a club that is too heavy or too stiff, they will have problems handling it and they will hardly achieve a good shot. Therefore, make sure the golf equipment is right for your junior, otherwise they will find this sport cumbersome.

Speak their language

When you teach your children the rules of golf, try to speak their own language to make them understand easily. Even adults have problems with terminology, not to mention children and if you will fill their minds with difficult words, they will understand little of what you say or will misunderstand the rules. Never stand when you talk to them, but kneel to make eye contact and use simple words they can understand.

Don’t force the child

Children can lose interest in something if they consider it too difficult or too exhausting, so never force them to keep playing if they want to take a break. If your child has played three holes and wants to rest or drink a soda, let them do so, or you will make them think golf is a burden and will start hating it before starting to like it.

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