Nike Limited Edition Vapor Speed TW Driver Review

The golf game is about concentration, precision, the right timing, and the right club choices. All these factors determine the accuracy of your shot and make you either a good or a bad golfer. If you are looking for ways to improve your golf game, you definitely need the best club you can find and the Nike limited edition Vapor Speed driver that was specially designed for Tiger Woods has the power to turn any shot into a perfect shot.

Performance at its best

The new Vapor Speed TW is a 420cc model, a smaller version of the 460cc Vapor Pro, with a center of gravity that is both closer to the face and to the hosel axis. A center of gravity that is more forward makes players with a stronger hand feel like they have less effect on the movement of the club during the swing. The experiences of Tiger Woods with the 460cc club have made him believe he can perform better shots with a smaller head with less inertia. This is how the limited edition Vapor Speed TW driver was born and the engineers at Nike have taken the opportunity to turn this club into a professional one.

A sleek design on the outside

The Nike limited edition Vapor Speed TW club has a price of $400, a worthy price for its efficiency and comfort in use. Once you touch this golf driver, you will enjoy a club that resembles the design of the former Vapor speed, but with improvements that increase its performance. The reinforced cavity back adds forgiveness to your shots and improves the launch conditions while the compression channel in the sole of the club delivers faster shots in the mid and low areas of the club’s head. The latest technologies come wrapped in a more compact golf club with a pear-shaped clubhead that is bonded using a fixed hosel, instead of the adjustable standard version of the Vapor Speed. This limited edition club also comes with a 10.5-degrees of loft and a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 73 shaft.

The latest technologies on the inside

Along with the stylish design that makes this club extremely attractive, you will get multiple features that will help you come close to the performance of the 14-time champion, Tiger Woods. The innovative NexCOR face allows you to obtain greater distance with every swing, thanks to the greater face that flexes at impact to increase the ball’s speed. The FlexLoft technology used in designing this particular club offers you 15 launch options that assure the club will perfectly match the course conditions.

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