Royal 4 Golf Edition Mobility Scooter by EvRider

A mobility scooter is an efficient machine, that serves almost the same purpose as a wheelchair, only that it resembles a motor scooter. It’s extremely useful for people with limited mobility because it allows them to become more independent. In this article, we talk about the Royal 4 Golf Edition Mobility Scooter by EvRider, which is a versatile mobility scooter that can be used on the golf course. Here’s what you need to know.

Perfect choice for outdoor uses

If you are planning to use your mobility scooter only when playing golf, the Royal 4 mobility scooter is the perfect choice for you. Generally speaking, people tend to use mobility scooter when travelling to short distance, going shopping or even for inside use. This mobility scooter is Golf edition, meaning that it has been specially designed to be used on the golf course. It’s important to have a stable and sturdy mobility scooter that will handle even the roughest and uneven surfaces. A 4 wheel mobility scooter such as the Royal Golf is just what you need. Other than that, this electric mobility scooter will make it easier for you to navigate challenging terrain, such as curbs or hills.

Driving the Royal 4 on local roads

When heading to the golf field, you should be able to use your mobility scooter on local roads without any problems. That’s why it’s important to research and try to get familiar with local laws, so that you rest assured that you can safely use the Royal 4 on local roads. As a general rule, mobility scooters need to be equipped with taillights and headlights. The Royal 4 Golf Edition mobility scooter has built-in Rear Lights, a built-in Indicator and Turn Signal Lights.

Achieving a high level of autonomy

Nowadays, most golf players are opting for a mobility scooter to assist them when playing golf, rather than using a golf cart. That’s why for the majority of users it’s important that the mobility scooter fits their needs. Compared to a golf cart, a mobility scooter such as the Royal 4 Golf Edition, provides security and stability for people who are struggling with a mobility impairment. In addition, the Royal 4 comes with a slide and swivel seat and a contoured orthopedic seat with armrest to ensure that you feel both safe and comfy.

Storage space

The Royal 4 Golf Edition Mobility Scooter by EvRider offers limited storage space. However, you can still attach baskets to the handlebars or use a trailer that is pull behind the scooter. While on the golf field, avoid carrying too much weight or too many accessories, otherwise you may end up shorten the life of the battery. This mobility scooter doesn’t feature a golf bag holder, but if you pay $250 besides the initial cost you can get your own golf bag holder to store your golf clubs, rangefinder and so on.

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