Practical Golf Tips

Playing golf seems very easy at the first glance, but the truth is you need to have a lot of patience and knowledge about golf. If you are planning to play golf for the first time or you simply want to improve your skills, keep in mind that it’s important to research and find new ways to improve your golf game. That’s why we’ve gathered some practical and useful tips for you to try when you are on the golf field.

Should You Get Custom Fitted Golf Equipment?

Whether you are a professional golfer that goes regularly on tournaments or you’re a beginner that just discovered this amazing sport, you shouldn’t neglect the choice of equipment. In order to make sure that you perform at your highest level consider getting your golf equipment custom fitted. In this article we talk about the many advantages of having fitted golf equipment. Find out more below.

Main Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs for men and women are designed based on similar technologies, but they differ in other aspects like size, and weight. Considering that the body of a woman has a different strength and height than the body of a man, it is understandable why women need a different type of club that will allow then to get better distance, height and speed of their golf shots. Discover below the main differences between women’s and men’s golf clubs.

A Brief Golf History

Many people say that golf is an honorable game and the truth is that, it is indeed. It is one of the few ball games that do not use a standardized playing area at all. The game is actually played on a golf course that always looks different in size and design as well. While nowadays, golf in frequently featured in the recent sports news articles, it hasn’t always been this popular. Here is a brief golf history which might be interesting for you.