Main Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs for men and women are designed based on similar technologies, but they differ in other aspects like size, and weight. Considering that the body of a woman has a different strength and height than the body of a man, it is understandable why women need a different type of club that will allow then to get better distance, height and speed of their golf shots. Discover below the main differences between women’s and men’s golf clubs.

Differences in length

Women’s golf clubs are usually as much as 2 inches shorter than men’s, to help women obtain a proper body posture and swing. Depending on the average height of women, manufacturers produce the proper club length that will match the type of the body, the length of the feet and of the arms. If a regular men’s driver is 45 inches long, one for women will measure 44 inches and so will the other types in the bag be. This way women won’t have troubles in swinging and controlling the ball.

Differences in weight

Golf clubs are measured in grams and those designed for men are usually heavier than the ones for women because men have more muscles and strength. Even the shafts of women’s golf clubs and the ones with bigger heads are made of materials that weigh less than the ones used in men’s shafts, to make the overall weight smaller and to allow women to handle the clubs easily.

Differences in grips

Women usually have smaller hands than men, meaning they can hold smaller items, so the grip of the club should be different in a club for women. A proper grip size allows the golfer to take a firm hold on the club, which is why the grip on women’s clubs is smaller in diameter and length.

Differences in shafts

Most women clubs have shafts made of graphite, which is a material that allows more flexibility to the player. With a graphite shaft, the impact on the ball is higher and the shot generates more torque without the need for a harder or faster swing. Men’s clubs can also have graphite shafts, but the majority have steel ones that generate more speed and offer a better control over the ball.

Differences in clubheads

The clubheads in women’s golf clubs are usually larger and lighter than the ones used in men’s clubs, because this aspect helps women an easier swing and delivers a larger impact area and a more forgiving contact, considering that women have less strength than men.

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