A Simple Guide for Playing Golf-Rules and Etiquette

Golf is an elegant sport where rules and etiquette are very important and players put a high price on how they behave and how fair and clean they play. Also known as the gentleman’s sport, golf requires an impeccable posture, a stylish attitude and a strict behavior that follows every rule of this classy sport. If you want to learn how to play golf correctly and win the respect of your co-players, here are some of the most important golf rules you have to keep.

Don’t be rude

Rude behavior is not accepted in golf games, much less in official tournaments. If you ever miss a shot or you lose a ball or anything goes wrong during a game, avoid swearing, cursing, shouting or throwing clubs or balls to calm you down. Never lose your temper when you play golf and maintain a calm attitude worthy of a gentleman.

Be a fast player

How fast you play and how long you keep your partners waiting is an important aspect in a good golf game, so make sure you are not the slowest player. Hit the ball fast, pay attention so that you will know when it’s your turn to hit and never look for a lost ball more than five minutes.

Golf is not as static as it seems and being a dynamic player is part of the etiquette.

Repair the ground

Every time to ruin the course when you hit a ball to close to the ground, you have to repair the ground. Replace the divots or use the seed package in your golf cart and rake the bunkers so that the spot remains nice and smooth. Never leave a bunker if the area remains damaged, otherwise you will be considered a rude player.

Respect the course

Respecting the course and nature is important for both fairness of the game and nature. You cannot move trees of leaves with the hands, foot or golf equipment. As you should repair the ground, respecting the course is important.

Be quiet

Being silent on a golf course is an etiquette rule you should strictly follow on a golf course. Never address to a player who is about to hit a ball, don’t talk to the other players during someone’s shot and, most important of all, never talk on the phone. It’s best that you turn off your phone or turn it on the silent mode while you play golf.

Stay out of the line of play

Even if you are wearing spikeless shoes, you must not walk in someone’s line of play, especially on the area around the hole. Analyze the putting green, see where the balls are, then drive the golf cart or walk out of their lines to the hole. Stay out of the reach of the player who is about to hit a ball, never stand on the line of play and respect their turn.

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