Best Golf Push/Pull Carts

When you play golf, you have to have your bag within reach at all times, meaning you will have to either carry it on your shoulder or you can try a golf push/pull cart, a device that will help you carry your bag easily and comfortably. Solid, easy to handle, with advanced brakes and accessories like umbrellas, the golf push/pull carts are ready to assist you on the golf course and here are the best ones you can rely on.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart

This lightweight 1.8 pounds golf cart can be easily folded into a compact size that you can store anywhere and in seconds you will have it ready to use on the course. Features like hand brakes, positive lock, aircraft grade aluminum frame or airless tires that require no maintenance are those that make this golf cart a must-have on the golf course. The $250 price may be a little high for some golfers, but the advantages of using this golf cart will be noticeable.

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

This stylish golf cart has the main advantage of being extremely affordable, at a price of $99 and you will enjoy its efficiency as soon as you start using it to carry your golf bag. It comes in three colors combinations that will match every taste and will make it an interesting appearance on the course. You can choose a black and green one, a black and orange or a black cart to match your golf equipment. It is a 2.2 pounds item with a mesh net drink holder and an attached umbrella and handling it will be a piece of cake with the built-in front wheel alignment mechanism and the button-operated foot brake.

Bag Boy Quad Plus Golf Push Cart

The list price of this stylish golf push/pull cart is $274, but you can enjoy seasonal discounts that offer it for lower prices. This elegant golf cart is available in four colors, namely red, white, silver and matte black so that you will surely find a color that you like. The four-wheel design makes it extremely solid, stable and easy to maneuver. The large scorecard holder allows you to carry many golf balls, golf clubs and even your devices like the phone or the rangefinder. The hand-mounted brake makes it very easy to control and handle along the course, and the best part is that the adjustable support arms keep the golf bag in standing position.

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