GPS Vs. Laser Rangefinders

Back in the day, golfers had to use their mind and their feet to measure a distance and the measurements were far from precise, which resulted in multiple bad shots. Luckily, with the efficient rangefinders available nowadays, you can forget about counting yards and guessing distances as you can improve your game fast and easy. If you read the latest golf rangefinder reviews, you will see that modern rangefinders have some amazing features which increase their accuracy like slope features or the Pinseeker technology that locks on to the pin, ignoring background obstacles.

Why it’s a worthwhile acquisition

Before we head to discussing the up and downsides to the types of gadgets out there, we should first analyze how they help improve the quality of your golf game, to begin with as you will be provided with a clearer overview on why you need this to make this addition to your golf gear collection.

  • Better club selection: As you are provided with exact distances to the target, you will have an easier time selecting the club with which to tee off. Your success rate in regards to this play aspect will be flawless, your handicap subsequently lowering.
  • Familiarization with the course: In addition to providing you with distance measurement, the device tells you what to expect ahead on the course. Thus, as you are aware of the obstacles and hazards ahead, the course will seem familiar and easy to play on.
  • Accurate measurements: Even though you think of yourself as a person who appreciates distances correctly, you can’t be as accurate as manmade devices that serve this specific purpose as they are designed to be flawless. Accuracy in reading distances translates to accuracy in shot making, your game benefiting from the use of the device.
  • Legal for tournament use: Before you get all excited, we remind you that not all gadgets are legal for tournament use, but rather the ones that comply with the existing rules and regulations. However, if you do end up with a device that can be used during tournaments, you will have the upper hand over competitors as you will be aware of precise distances to the holes, making informed choices when it comes to club selection.

The pros of GPS rangefinders

  • The most noticeable advantage of the GPS rangefinder is the low cost that makes it very accessible. You can opt for a device with a price starting from $100 or you can use a smartphone app that is free and can work on any phone. Of course, the top-rated devices that come with a wide range of features are more expensive, but you can always find one that is more affordable.
  • It provides the most information regarding the target and it can even detect targets you cannot see. You can get a distance to the bunkers and waters and it will show you distances to hidden obstacles, which is a great feature.
  • When you use a GPS device, no steadiness is required and you don’t even have to aim it or touch it in order to obtain a distance.

The cons of GPS rangefinders

  • Although they are very accurate, they are not as good as lasers because clouds or trees can always interfere with the satellites.
  • Most devices come with preloaded courses, but sometimes you will have to connect your device to a computer in order to obtain updates and newly added courses.
  • Some models can be difficult to use, but this is often a side effect of containing too many features.
  • The battery doesn’t last too long and you will have to charge it multiple times during a golf game.

The pros of laser rangefinders

  • The main advantage of using a laser rangefinder is its accuracy that can come as close as half a yard, which will give you the precise measurement to the flag, wherever it is located on the green, ensuring a rapid lowering of your handicap.
  • The magnification is a feature that only the laser models have, which will not only help you get a better view, but it will also make it easier for you to hit the target.
  • You will enjoy a long battery life that will last for many rounds, even up to one year of playing.

The cons of laser rangefinders

  • When you use a laser rangefinder, steadiness is required in order to get a good measurement.
  • Most models are very good at focusing on a target, but it’s likely that you will get the distance to a wrong target in the background.
  • If the target is not in sight and you can’t directly see it, it will not be able to calculate the distance.

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