Hottest 2015 Golf Bags

Most golf players have at least one good-quality golf bag to help them carry all the equipment needed when playing golf. A golf bag can accommodate several items and accessories, such as golf balls, head cover, tees, towels, golf sticks, shoes, gloves, ball markers and many more. If you want to enrich your golf experience and invest in a great golf bag, let’s take a look at the most popular golf bags this year.

Nike Performance hybrid Carry Golf bag

Generally speaking, Nike makes great sport equipment and this year, they have managed to create an amazing golf bag. The Nike Performance golf bag features several pockets to help you store all your golf accessories without fearing that they may get damaged along the way. All the pockets are made of waterproof fleece to ensure that water doesn’t reach in the compartments. It also features a an insulated cooler pocket so you can store your water bottle or sports drink. Finally, it comes with a double strap system to ensure that it stays safe and secure during carrying.

Ogio Golf Men’s Grom stand bag

Here’s another popular choice among golf players: the Ogio Golf Men’s Groom stand bag. This bag features an unique suspension system that allows you to keep it stable, regardless of how much weight you have added to the bag. One of the main advantages of owning the Ogio bag is that it comes with a large putter so it allows you to store your water bottle or beverage without having to worry that it may spill eventually.

Callaway Org. 14 cart bag golf

The Callaway Org. 14 weights almost 5 pounds, a bit heavier than other comparable products but the good news is that it comes with a trolley system to help in push carting. It also features two molded handles used to carry the bag without requiring too much of an effort. Other than that, the Callaway golf bag comes with 12 pockets so you have plenty of space to store all of your accessories.

Jef World of golf single layer trunk locker

If you are an organized person that likes to store things neatly and tide, then the Jef World trunk locker is the perfect choice for you. What makes the Jef World locker a popular option among golf players is that fact that you can store each accessory in a different pocket. This way, you won’t have to store all your things together in the same compartment.

Adidas Golf Adizero stand bag

The Adidas Golf Adizero stand bag is all about comfort and usability. The straps can be adjusted as you choose, they have been designed to increase the comfort level. We like that this bag is very stable, it stands on its own so you can safely store your beverages inside. It comes with lesser compartments than the previous models but there’s just enough space to store your essentials.

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