How to choose your golf shoes

Although you may think that only the golf equipment can influence your game, you should know that the quality and the level of comfort of your clothes can also have a role in the way you play. The right type of pants will allow you to stretch without any problem, while the right pair of shoes will help you feel comfortable, walk on the course and perform your shots with ease. To make sure you get the best pair of golf shoes that will make you fell comfortable, here is what you should look for when you choose your golf shoes.

Choose the proper size

The way your golf shoes fit you is essential in making you feel at ease on the golf course. When you choose the shoes, measure both feet and if they have different lengths, choose the one that is bigger, otherwise your feet will hurt. Always try the shoes on wearing the type of socks that you will wear during the game and test the shoes while walking. Don’t worry if the shoes feel tighter on the middle area of your foot because that is the area that offers the most support while you swing. Buy shoes that have one-half of an inch of space between the tip of the shoe and your big toe.

Pay attention to the waterproofing

The waterproof feature is an important aspect in golf shoes that will make you feel comfortable and will assure the shoes will last multiple seasons. There is nothing worse than feeling your feet wet during a golf game on a rainy day, so make sure you pay attention to this aspect. Leather golf shoes are usually weather proof, so the quality and the price will easily indicate the weatherproofing feature.

Spikes or no spikes

Besides an aesthetic matter, the spikes on golf shoes also influence the way you play while wearing the shoes. Spikes will offer you more grip when playing and are extremely useful on hilly courses because they will give you adherence. On the other hand, spikeless shoes are more comfortable and easier to wear during short games. When you take the spikes into account, choose based on your swing, the type of course and how often you play golf.

Choose your favorite style

Being an elegant sport with a strict etiquette, no wonder there are so many styles of golf shoes that match every taste and outfit. You can choose from traditional models, trendy styles for young and stylish golfers, athletic models offered by popular manufacturers or even golf sandals for those who really want to feel relaxed and comfortable.

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