Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

Golf challenges the player both physically and mentally. It is a tough sport which requires you to improve constantly in order to lower your handicap and get better results. Of course, for this to be possible, you must improve your swing. A golf swing analyzer that we recommend to those who want to improve their golf game is the Arccos Tracking System. This is the golf’s first fully-automatic GPS and shot-tracking system that automatically tracks your statistics with zero interruptions to your game.

Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System Ratings

We recommend this innovative tracking system to those who want to analyze and improve their golf game by using a top quality device.

Gold Beach Golf

Performance – 88%
Data – 90%
Instruction – 90%
Ease of use – 94%


We recommend this innovative tracking system to those who want to analyze and improve their golf game by using a top quality device.


This fully automatic tracking system can be yours for the price of $300. But for you to decide whether it is the right choice for you or not, you must first learn more about it. To know all there is to know about this product, continue to read our review.


What no one who has bought the Arccos On-Course system can deny is the fact that it is extremely accurate. As a golf player who is looking to lower the handicap and swing better, the fact that this product is very accurate will undoubtedly make a big difference for your game. It brings your shots to life in order for you to analyze them more thoroughly by offering bird’s eye visuals overlaid on GPS hole imagery. Each sensor is able to track important swing parameters like club distances and averages, drive length, and drive deviation. Also, using the data provided by the sensors, you can compare different swings with each other to better understand what needs to be improved. Thanks to the Tour Analytics platform, this incredible gadget can also analyze your stats, providing you with information about what they mean for your game.

Specifications Sheet

Dimensions1.5” H x 1.1” L x 1.1” W
Weight0.42 Oz.
Sensor PlacementGrip end of the club
Operating System CompatibilityiOS, Android
Battery Charge Time
Battery Runtime50 rounds
Captured DataClub distances, drive length, drive deviation, club averages, club head speed, club distances, approach, swing tempo

Features and data

This tracking system gives the player a handicap score for driving, putting, chipping, approach, and sand. The 14 sensors of this tracking system provide accurate data about club head speed, club distances, and approach, swing tempo, drive deviation, and drive length. With the data that the sensors gather, you will finally be able to make the right changes in your golf game in order to improve it. The app of this golf swing analysis system features a platform that analyzes all the recorded data in order to give you useful advice to improve your game. You can find more information about this feature on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, the app comes with more than 18000 courses from the U.S. and Canada uploaded on it.

Design and compatibility

It comes with 14 sensors, 13 of which fit standard golf clubs, and 1 of the sensors being specially designed for the putter. The sensors weigh only 0.42 ounces, having a zero swing weight impact. They measure 1.5 inches in height, 1.1 inches in length, and 1.1 inches in width. What the people who have bought this golf swing analyzer system love about it is the fact that the sensors easily attach to the grip end of the clubs. All that you have to do is to screw in the sensor, pair it with the free Arccos app via Bluetooth, and start playing. As opposed to other similar products, it does not require complicated set-ups, which will save you a lot of time. When it comes to compatibility, this product works with iPhone 4S and above, Android smartphones that use the version 5.0 operating system and above, and it works with any Apple Watch as well.

Ease of use

The user-friendly interface of this system free app makes it easy for anyone to use this golf swing analyzer system. It automatically tracks and records the distance, shot, and hole. Therefore, you won’t have to manually send these stats to your smartphone like other models on the market require. Due to the real-time game tracking capabilities of this product, it enables you to check your stats as soon as you swing. In addition, it analyzes your stats in order to show your strengths and weaknesses, offering you advice that will help you improve your game.

Battery and Warranty

The sensors of the Arcos tracking system use CR_2032 batteries, which are standard watch cell batteries. They last up to 50 rounds, which is more than enough. If you play golf in your free time and you do not make a career out of it, these batteries might even last you for one year. For convenience in use, this golf swing analyzer system features a built-in battery indicator. This way, you will know for sure when it is time to replace the batteries, eliminating the guesswork out of the process. The product is backed up by a 1-year warranty, meaning that it will be repaired or replaced if anything happens to it. Also, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if the product does not live up to your expectations, you can return it and recover the money that you have spent on it.

Golf Club Compatibility

If you have already read the review, you have noticed that this system comes with 14 sensors that must be paired with each of your golf clubs. Now, you are probably wondering whether the sensors are actually compatible with all types of golf clubs, or if you will be forced to change the clubs to enjoy using the analyzer. Fortunately for you, the sensors actually screw into the pre-existing holes situated on the grip of the clubs. Keep in mind that Arcoss app is available for iOS and Android and it captures your round data without disturbing your game. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about compatibility issues as the sensors are good for pairing with all types of golf clubs.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other golf swing analyzers, this one we have reviewed differs in many aspects, starting with the design. While most of the other models consist of one device that incorporates all the swing parameters of every type of club, the Arcos tracking system innovates the field with 14 separate sensors designed for each type of golf club. Nonetheless, this feature makes it stand out and also improves its accuracy. The smartphone compatibility is also an advantage of the tracking system because it allows the player to view its swing stats in order to perfect their shot. It can be used to measure a plethora of parameters including club head speed, club distances swing tempo, and drive length and the best part is that it does not require any complicated setups. And with the money-back guarantee and the 1-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing you will enjoy the best customer assistance.

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