Essential Golf Course Maintenance Tools

The golf courses have to be maintained all year long to assure players the best playing conditions and for this the owners need some maintenance tools that will help them keep the course in the best shape without too much effort. Considering the size of a golf course and the level of wear, the tools used must be fast, easy to handle and efficient so that the job will be done fast and with minimum effort. Here are some essential golf course maintenance tools without whom golfers wouldn’t be able to practice their skills.

A Brief Golf History

Many people say that golf is an honorable game and the truth is that, it is indeed. It is one of the few ball games that do not use a standardized playing area at all. The game is actually played on a golf course that always looks different in size and design as well. While nowadays, golf in frequently featured in the recent sports news articles, it hasn’t always been this popular. Here is a brief golf history which might be interesting for you.