GPS Vs. Laser Rangefinders

Back in the day, golfers had to use their mind and their feet to measure a distance and the measurements were far from precise, which resulted in multiple bad shots. Luckily, with the efficient rangefinders available nowadays, you can forget about counting yards and guessing distances as you can improve your game fast and easy. If you read the latest golf rangefinder reviews, you will see that modern rangefinders have some amazing features which increase their accuracy like slope features or the Pinseeker technology that locks on to the pin, ignoring background obstacles.

Ladies vs Men’s Golf Drivers – Are There Any Actual Differences?

We all have passions and activities that we find pleasant and relaxing to do in our spare time. Cooking, reading, dancing, or in our case, golfing, are hobbies that both men and women enjoy doing once in a while. The truth is that golfing is relaxing and a great opportunity to leave the house and spend some time in nature. It is also a social activity, the perfect occasion to meet your friends and why not, new people. Not mentioning that it helps losing some extra pounds, improves your vision and stimulates brain functions.
Lately, an increasing number of women have been showing their huge interest in such an activity as golfing. Not only that women are playing together with men, but they compete against each other in order to win different competitions and prizes. Well, there are though some differences between women golfers and men golfers, because it is a true fact that men are physically stronger than women.

Check out the Latest Golf Gear, Gadgets, Aids

Back in the old days, when there was not an impressive variety on the sports market, golf used to be an extremely challenging sport to take up. These days, beginners, as well as pros, find it easier to polish their golf skills as there are specially designed products to help enhance their gameplay. But with the wide selection of golf aids, gear, and gadgets, it becomes rather difficult to pinpoint what are the products worth investing in. Generally, the latest appearances on the market are the best as they come with the newest innovations. Check out the superlative products on the golf market and make the right acquisition by reading the following lines.

How to Buy the Right Golf Glove

Choosing what to buy in terms of golf gloves can be a bit difficult for those who do not know how to choose the right golf glove for them. It takes a bit of know-how and some time to figure out a good fit. In order to find out how to buy the right golf glove for you, have a look at the following aspects.

Nike Limited Edition Vapor Speed TW Driver Review

The golf game is about concentration, precision, the right timing, and the right club choices. All these factors determine the accuracy of your shot and make you either a good or a bad golfer. If you are looking for ways to improve your golf game, you definitely need the best club you can find and the Nike limited edition Vapor Speed driver that was specially designed for Tiger Woods has the power to turn any shot into a perfect shot.

How and When to Use Each Golf Club

The rules of golf are not at all complex, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics of golf. If you are planning to play golf, you basically need to invest in good quality golf equipment and golf clubs are undoubtedly the most important. Knowing how to use each of the golf clubs is essential for having a good game. Here’s what you need to know about golf clubs.

Titleist 915 D2 Driver

A good golf club can make a big difference when playing golf, regardless of your skills. Finding one that delivers great results each and every time is never easy but if you limit your choice to what you really need in a golf club, it will be much easier. For instance, if you would like to hit more fairways and obtain a dynamic face closure, you need a versatile driver, such as the Titleist 915 D2 Driver. Here’s what you need to know about this golf driver.

A Simple Guide for Playing Golf-Rules and Etiquette

Golf is an elegant sport where rules and etiquette are very important and players put a high price on how they behave and how fair and clean they play. Also known as the gentleman’s sport, golf requires an impeccable posture, a stylish attitude and a strict behavior that follows every rule of this classy sport. If you want to learn how to play golf correctly and win the respect of your co-players, here are some of the most important golf rules you have to keep.

5 Celebrities that You wouldn’t Expect to See on the Golf Course

Golf has its famous professional players who have made a career out of this sport, participate in tournaments and win many prizes, but there are other people who are famous from other reasons that playing professional golf. If you though that these 5 celebrities were only good at what they chose to do, you will be surprised to discover how passionate they are about playing golf.

Unique Golf Courses Around the World

Golf has always been one of the most popular sports worldwide. That’s why many golf course architects are constantly trying to create breathtaking and unique golf courses designs. If you are looking for more than the average golf course with 9 or 18 holes, check out these unique and amazing golf courses that are guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on you.